Monday, 8 December 2014

Why just Uber? What about the Delhi Police?

This is a tweet from Hindustan Times with the character certificate issued by Delhi Police to Shiv Kumar Yadav, the alleged Uber rapist:

If the Delhi government is going to ban Uber, what is it going to do to the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Delhi - South East District?
Is he going to be held accountable? It is the certificate he issued and several other like this, companies and and the public are going to use to hire. This guy was arrested and charged for rape in the past too!

Banning Uber is not going to stop rape. Holding those in office and those whose job it is to ensure safety of the public, like the police officer above, will go a long way.

Will the Delhi Government, which is now run by the Union Government via Ministry of Home Affairs, be bold enough to act against the Delhi Police?

Banning Uber is the easy, and perhaps looks good for PR, but it won't change a thing unless the police are held accountable.

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