Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Russell Peters should do a John Oliver

John Oliver's Last Week Tonight is redefining how people consume journalism. In this show, he has brought to light and presented pressing issues which mainstream media usually ignores or are not sensational enough.

He has done shows on net neutrality, government lotteries, state legislative elections, healthcare and even salmon cannons amongst various others. Several of these issues are new to even to those like me who consume a lot of news. Last Week Tonight and John Oliver are in fact the modern columnists. People generally don't have time or appetite to consumer raw news. They want someone to condense it, point out trends and present it in an entertaining manner.

Recently I was watching a Russell Peters show on YouTube and thought to myself, wouldn't it be awesome if Russell Peters had a similar show?

He would  be able to attract a wider audience and bring up issues that are non US centric.

Just a thought.

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