Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Asian Startups to watch out for: Pamperlogist

Sophia Lin, Founder of Pamperologist 

In my role as a Mentor at IIE, Singapore Management University and as an angel investor at Puthen & Cole, I come across a lot of startups. Of the many I meet, some are truly gems. I want to keep a record and share the truly innovative ones I come across. So here is the first post in my series "Asian Startups to watch out for." 

This week, it's Sophia Lin of Pamperologist. An app launched recently just in Singapore and has over 2200 users. To most women I have showed it to, it is addictive. When I mean addictive, I mean tinder like addictive. Users get to show off their hair styles, nail design and skin treatments and others get to like, share and comment. Also you can now more details like where it was done and book at appointment for similar treatment based on user reviews. 

Chief Pampering Officer, Sophia Lin is from Taiwan and has studied at MIT and National Taiwan University. She has been working in the financial industry prior to her leap into the startup world. 

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