Friday, 5 December 2014

Arnab tries to steal a scam from Ashish Khetan

Arnab Goswami last night tried to steal a scam. It's fine to shout on your own channel saying your the the number one and you broke all the scams. BUT try NOT to do it in front of a real journalist who actually broke the story.

As you can see in the video above. Arnab asks Ashish Khetan (previously journalist with Tehelka and where the AAP was at the time of various scams. He lists the various scams, most of these scams he mentions were pursued by AAP member Prashant Bhushan, then he asks, "Where were you when the Aircell-Maxis scam broke?"

When Ashish Khetan quietly points out that it was he who broke the Aircell-Maxis scam story, Arnab Goswami had the face of someone who had just been caught with seven kilos of hashish in his underwear.

Breaking a story, especially an investigative piece like the Aircell-Maxis story doesn't happen by sitting around in an air conditioned studio trying to moderate shouting matches. Nor does it happen by sending your cub reporters to poke mikes into people's faces.

The debate last night was whether AAP has an image problem because Arvind Kejrival flew business to two events in the UAE and then to New York for a talk at Columbia University. Why? Perhaps there was no other news that day? No CRPF jawans were killed, who cares about what happens beyond the metros anyway - no TRP machines there. Justice Krishna Iyer was not important enough and of no TRP value - so let's go after Kejriwal and AAP and DEAD FROZEN BABA.

The great Indian journalism.

Here is rest of the conversation or debate until Arnab decides to ask for backup,

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