Friday, 19 December 2014

AAP: Manish Tewari's response lands him in more trouble. Seems he misled JPC.

Former Congress spokesperson, MP and minister tried to dodge allegations by AAP. It now looks like he response might land him in more trouble.

Here are the documents Manish Tewari published in response:

The trouble seems to be that in the letter to the JPC chairperson, he states he has not been working for telecom from 2005. The expose has a letter he wrote asking for his retainer-ship to extended till 2015.

You can view and download the documents here.

Here is full AAP press conference:

My biggest worry is how many of our MPs and MLAs are on such "retainers"?
What work do you do for seven lakhs a month?
Do you think these MPs and MLAs work for your interest or for those who pay them retainers?


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