Friday, 5 December 2014

5 Reasons to Pole Dance

Here is the third in the series of posts my colleague Ann Marie on pole dancing. You can find the earlier posts here, here and here

As pole dancers, we're always trying to convince people that it's the best sport around. Women, men, children - we don't care. We love it and believe that you'll love it too. Though we haven't quite gone to the level of going door-to-door saying "Have you tried pole dancing?"... Yet.

So here are our reasons why you should just go for it: 

1. It's really fun.

It may be difficult and "slightly" painful, but it's a whole lotta fun. Most people who do pole dancing think that other exercises like running, cycling or lifting weights at the gym rather boring and found pole as an alternative workout. It's a cardio and weights workout rolled into one, with a single apparatus - the pole. After your first session, you'll either never want to see a pole again or can't wait until the next class.

You'll spin, climb, (try to) lift and dance. You'll laugh at your silly fall off the pole and the fact you can't tell left from right and up from down when you're inverted. You'll spend time with other pole dancers trying out new tricks and spotting each other.

Believe me, it's much more exciting going to pole dance class than going to Les Mills Body Pump.

2. Self-confidence.

The fact that it's difficult makes it all the better when you finally nail that trick - whether it be your first spin or the mother of all strength moves - the deadlift. It's great for your confidence as you look back on your first class, or even just a month ago, to see how far you've come. 

It may take ages (or never) before a public performance, but that's not the self-confidence we're talking about. We're talking about feeling comfortable in your skin and knowing that you can achieve whatever you're working towards.

3. You get strong. You also get a nice, tight butt. 

After a few classes of holding yourself up on the pole, lifting your butt in the air and some twerking, you are bound to get a perky butt. Your strength and flexibility improves, making your body much healthier overall (if you lay off the booze and chips). 

It really depends on your body type as to whether you're going to "bulk up". There are dancers of all shapes and sizes - it's actually rather misleading judging a pole dancer's skill by how "fit" they look. But of course, all the instructors and professionals look AHMAYZING both on and off the pole. 

Credit: Pole Dancing Adventures
4. Awesome photos and videos. 

Need I say more? 

5. A loving and inclusive community. 

The pole dancing community, though not that small, is not that large either. The pole pioneers, unlike most other sports and clubs, are still alive and dancing. So what does that mean? It means we're a newbie in the world of sports and we're going to stick to each other for support and guidance. 

There are a number of pole dance groups on Facebook, where the members provide advice, tips and words of encouragement. Your studio itself would be highly supportive of anyone that comes through its doors. Even the Pole Idols are not uptight, snobby celebrities who think that beginners and recreational pole dancers are beneath them. They travel around the world supporting and teaching others and sharing with them their signature style and tricks. 

Marion Crampe and her students around the world, nailing the Rainbow Marchenko under her guidance and supervision.
This is what I believe makes pole dancing what it is - a community where everyone is supported and encouraged to achieve the impossible. 

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