Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Singapore's Mr. Berlin

I met Mr. Berlin (Facebook) by complete accident. My colleagues and I were on our way to get something (read anything) for a quick lunch from Asia Square. Tucked away at 1 Shenton Way is the Mr. Berlin. It's signage and mascot is is hard to miss.

Hard to miss signage with the iconic Berlin bear. 
The menu is simple and quick. Hardly any waiting time. You can get your fix (including beer) for $18. The restaurant manager is always at the counter, she is Austrian and very friendly, greets almost all the visitors herself. Having her at the store certainly increases the charm of the place.

Michaela Gruber, Restaurant Group Manager
is at storefront hands-on

The location is not to hard to find. It's on your way to Asia Square from Sheton Way, right next to Anglo Indian restaurant. Lot of place to sit, something like a beer garden. It's mostly empty, I think it has more to do with the fact they are less than a month old and the CBD is mostly office crowd. 

Just type in 1 Shenton Way on Google Maps, it's not hard to find. They are open till 10PM on weekdays and shorter, 8PM on Saturday and closed on Sunday. They are open in the mornings at 8 and have good coffee from and made with a machine from Switzerland.

Gruber with her team 

Unlike, other sexist places, Wednesdays are not Ladies Night at Mr. Berlin. It's Guys' night and get free beer with every CurryWurst. Yes, on Wednesdays the place is going to be a sausage fest!

Busy but not very busy

Always go for break the wall


Go for Beer. 

Good choice but I would advice them to stick to limited choice to maintain quality

For sure the the very best I have had in Singapore.

If you go there, let me what you think. It is highly likely you will see me there more often, especially at lunch time.

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