Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Last Night's WTF Arnab Goswami debate (25/11 - Kashmir)

Sadly for Non Resident Indians like me in Singapore, the only free Indian news channel is Times Now. There are not much ads other than Vicco Turmeric and Air India, which results in more ads of Times Now itself saying how it is the most viewed channel in India for over 200 weeks. It points out how 'WE Indians love a good argument' and why the nation trusts Arnab Goswami and his show Newshour on Super Prime Time.

If you have watched it you will experience a sudden rise in blood pressure and at the end you wonder if whether you had just walked into a air conditioned section of a low class dance bar in which drunk uncles are sitting together, talking big and munching on pickled scans.

Journalism? No. Arnab's sole role is to instigate. Just like you would sit in a corner and watch these uncles shout, talk nonsense and make a fool of themselves. At the centre is a Mr. Know-it-all uncle who will talk 80% of the time. This is Arnab Goswami.

I happened to see the episode on Kashmir elections last night. WTF. Can you make any sense of the discussion above? Show like this is dangerous to the very idea of India. Is this the time of conversation we want to have about our country's future? Name calling, wild assumptions and shouting. What do you gain by watching this?

It's shameful we call this a "debate" or even "news".

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