Saturday, 29 November 2014

Arnab Goswami's ISIS in Kashmir U-Turn

The thing about Arnab Goswami is how he can twist his outrage to suit TRP. Even if it means taking a complete 180 degree turn. Fuck journalism, objectivity, whoever or whatever might come in his way. What matters is being number one in TRP. If you don't give him an interview, he will make his reporters create a story about you.

On 14th of October he had a show about how Omar Abdullah is ignoring the threat of ISIS in the Kashmir Valley. The NC spokesperson also points out that Arnab Goswami seem upset with the Jammu and Kashmir CM for denying him an interview.

Here is the back story:

Earlier on that day, the 14th of October 2014. Omar Abdullah rubbished the waving of ISIS flag in the Valley as an act by "some idiots" which the media was "unfortunately" trying to highlight. 

"You have to undertand that no ISIS group has been identified so far in the Valley. The flag of the ISIS was waved by some idiots which does not mean that ISIS has any presence in Kashmir. Unfortunately, some channels have tried to make an issue out of this and drag me into this as if we are not doing anything on this," Omar told reporters after meeting Home Minister Rajnath Singh in New Delhi. 

He said the flag was waved on three occasions by some youths for some time and in each matter a case was registered and some arrests have also been made. "The tailor who made this flag has also been identified and action is being taken against him also. To say from media side that the issue is being ignored and no action is being taken by the state government is absolutely wrong. We do not make public our each step but to interpret it that we are not doing anything is not correct," Omar said.

A protestor was seen waving flag of terrorist organisation Islamic State of Iraq and Syria last week after Eid prayers whereas in July also similar waving of flag was seen in the Valley. 
Arnab Goswami goes on a full frontal attack, the Newshour debate is titled Omar Abudllah Oblivious with the hashtag, #OmarOblivious.

If you are a TimesNow viewer, things just got a bit confusing...

Because on the 7th of August, Times Now had run this "Exclusive":

In this report,

For days now the ISIS flag has been spotted in various parts of J&K. It is an occurence that had the Govt and even the separatists stumped. TIMES NOW breaks the ISIS J&K myth -- it is just a bunch of stone pelters trying to ride the ISIS wave. This is a TIMES NOW investigation.
Omar Abdullah just confirmed what Times Now reporter on the ground "investigated" and the channel broadcast as "exclusive". Doesn't Arnab watch his own channel or reports? Or did he or does he have an axe to grind with the Jammu and Kashmir CM?

If Arnab Goswami calls himself a journalist, doesn't he need to explain what lead to his channels point of view to change? Was the report they did in August wrong?

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