Sunday, 23 November 2014

AAP fights back with Mufflerman

Arvind Kejriwal, the Mufflerman (Photo: Wikipedia, Thinking Youth)
AAP is a political start-up. A bootstrapped start-up with limited resources. Especially in the Indian media landscape which is infested with journalists on hire for political favours or hard cash or both. There is no charge the existing political parties or their supporters can through at the AAP that will stick. Especially with it comes to corruption.

So how one counter AAP? If you are the BJP, you keep repeating "bhagoda" or "mufflerman" to mock Arvind Kejriwal. Call AAP supporters AAPTARDS, Leftists, Socialists, funded by the CIA, etc... They are hoping to make the people forget that Arvind Kejriwal resigned because the BJP and Congress jointly voted against the passing of one of the most powerful anti-corruption legislation the country would have ever seen. 

If you are a Congress supporter, you will go on about how the AAP lacks experience governance. Let's face it, one can't counter the Congress Party when it comes to governance. Look at the CWG, Coal Allocation, Air India, 2G... and it's governance model list goes on. 

AAP has limited financial resources, every paisa is accounted for and most of it funded online. Last year, the Congress and the BJP had accused the APP of receiving foreign funding and the Congress promptly ordered an enquiry. It back fired on them. Not only was nothing found on AAP, the Delhi High Court found both the BJP and the Congress GUILTY of accepting foreign funds

In order to avoid further boomerang both parties intensified their bhagoda and mufflerman campaigns. Not just directly on prime time news shouting matches but also via some who call themselves journalists:
Again, she calls herself a journalist. I personal think she is a farmer, the plantation variety.

So if you are in the AAP communications team, what do you do?
Fight back with humour. YES, AK is our Mufflerman. He is coming back and all the bad guys should be worried. AAP doesn't have a centralised unit of team, most of it's content is crowed sourced or created. The Muffleman creatives are all volunteer submitted.

If AK's cough and Muffler are the only thing the BJP can through at him. Why not celebrate it? The BJP has been in power for six months, other than frequent flier miles on Air India for Modi, what have they achieved? Is black money back? Is Vadra in jail? It did do somethings though, Ramdev has Z class security and 70,000 students now have to learn Sanskrit before March (great way to make them love the language).

It's going to be a tough fight. In the end, as in most democracies, the people will get a leadership they deserve. I hope Delhi chooses the Mufflerman. 

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