Thursday, 20 November 2014

A New Sunday Ritual

The Hangar on Arab Street has been open only for three weeks, I think I have been there for both Sundays in between - and several times for meetings. It's always a great idea to introduce your clients and journalists to new places.

If you walk along the road, it's tough to find The Hangar sign anywhere. Although, you will notice a lot of people, mostly tourists, taking pictures of "SEXY COFFEE" with the tagline "COFFEE SANDWICHES SALADS AND SHIT LIKE THAT!"

Now that's what's called marketing. I am sure in within the past three weeks, it must have been intragramed, twittered and facebooked several thousand times.

Attention magnet shop front. The antique fashion boutique on adds to the elegance.  
I think they only added this sign last week. 
Beer on tap still has issues but they do have a great selection of bottled beer. 
No words can do justice to this picture. I order it every time. 
Mr Pav, the smooth operator (seriously, that's what it says on his business card!)

They are only doing brunch and early evening now but they will start nights from the 27th of November. Pav Khialani pictured above is the entrepreneur behind this cafe. Previously he was involved with Sarnies. You will find him in the cafe during most visits, usually giving his recommendations on what to try out. He made most of the furniture himself and one will notice that the cafe is an extension of Pav's fun personality.

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