Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Book of Skin

Mary with Skin Talks by Dr. Jaishree Sharad. It's never
too early or late to know more about your skin.
If have ever met Dr. Jaishree Sharad, even if it for a few seconds, it's very hard to forget her. You first reaction might be, "What? She is a doctor? ... Like a real medical doctor?" Mainly because you thought good looking doctors only existed in the movies or Scrubs.

I hate to compare myself to Salman Khan but he and I both agree, there is great scope for an app named Dr. Jaishree (calling the app Skin was an option, but we would risk attracting attention of a totally different kind). Whenever you have a skin issue or a question, just use the app. Until then, those who know her (like Salman and I) have been calling or Facebook-ing Dr. Jaishree.

Skin is our largest organ, usually the most visible too (here Salman and I disagree!) but it takes a certain comfort level to discuss issues relating to it. It is easily the most ignored organ, most of the time, the attention is limited or prioritised around the facial area.

Skin Talks by Dr. Jaishree Sharad is a must read. It is not a biology lesson, it a practical guide anyone can follow to better take care of one's skin. The book also contains tips by actors and models, for whom skin is one of their main professional asset. All of whom are her clients... including Salman.

What adds gravitas to the book is the fact that she is a one of India's, if not the World's', leading authorities on cosmetic dermatologists. Don't be fooled by the photograph on the cover, you might think she just recently got out of med school, she has been practicing medicine for the past 15 years!

In January 2014, she wrote an article in The Kochi Post titled, Dark is beautiful, in which she argues how we in India (and Indians living abroad) are wrong in thinking fair skin means healthy skin. Our addiction to "fairness" have made us more prone to skin damage risk and a curse to society at large.

You can easily finish the book in one reading. I certainly plan to buy a few copies as gifts for my nieces. I know they will thank be in the years to come. You can pre-order you copy on Flipkart (25% off) or wait for it to hit the book stores on 22nd September.

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