Monday, 18 August 2014

No Rajiv Satyal, technically you are not Indian

Constitution of India
You can call your self Indian but it doesn't make you an Indian.

It makes marketing sense to create a chest thumping video stating "I AM INDIAN' ticking all the boxes - yoga, numbers (seriously?), chess, bollywood (again, seriously?), Miss Worlds' and Universes', and ...(yawn)... kama sutra. Why not? Indians now make up one of, if not the largest, English speaking groups on the Internet, anything you make patronising or massaging their ego is sure to get you lots of views, shares and comments.

Here are some fun facts for +Rajiv Satyal to keep in mind:

  1. Indians are citizens of the Republic of India. No dual citizenships yet. 
  2. The Republic of India came into existence in 1950.
  3. Before that, the subcontinent consisted of over 600 Kingdoms. 
  4. "Indians" are not an ethnic group, Indian citizens range from Syrian Christians, Kochi Jews, Parsis to Tibetians, Nagas and Manipuris. 
  5. Saying I am Indian is not the same as saying I'm European or I'm Latino. We are a nation, a republic, please respect that. Stick to South Asian or your specific regional or religious ethnicity. 

Don't get me wrong, I have family who are foreign nationals. I too stay outside India and one day might give up my Indian nationality. Would I cease to be an Indian if I gave up my Indian passport?


An Indian is defined by the constitution. When you take an oath of allegiance to a new King/Queen/Constitution/Emir/Sheikh/Sultan, you cease to be Indian and you assume a new nationality. Again, nothing wrong with that but it's not advisable to keep your legs on both boats. The Canadians have a term for that, "Canadians of convenience".

I understand you might have seen this as an opportunity to boost your popularity as the "Funny Indian" but sadly, it's not funny. In fact, the use of the national anthem as a background score is lame.

Jai Hind

Here is something I really liked by +Zeshan Bagewadi:

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